Thursday, December 17, 2009

CouchSurfing - Pavel & Marjorie (and more news).

It's been a while since we posted here, not because we were lazy, but because we were a bit busy these days.

Since the last entry, several things happened:

*We've hosted a very nice couple from France: Pavel and Marjorie.
It was their first experience as surfers and we were glad to be their first hosts.
From them, we learned about Iceland with its amazing unearthly appearance and the natural hot water pools. Also, we've discovered that Bucharest and Paris are related, not only through the illumination system, Arc the Triomphe, Charles de Gaulle plaza (Bucharest being called the little Paris); but also through the "crotte de chien" (dog poo) on the sidewalks..
Beside comparing nations, we played an interesting society game, which we enjoied a lot and, in the end, it convinced us to buy some similar games.
Pavel and Marjorie were interested in the pottery classes, so they got the chance to get their hands dirty. Afterward, the clay creations (abstract ones, as Pavel said) accompanied them back to France.

A couple o wow's coming :) :
*Andra had a TV recording in the pottery workshop; she also had an article in the evening paper, dedicated to her work on Christmas decorations;

*Andra recovered her stolen Iphone (which had a sentimental value - as a present from Bitdefender - for her hard work).
Having it back was a totally unexpected surprise, compliments to the Romanian police for the great work!

*And finally, the first real snow completely covered the ground and now it really feels like holidays season.
Since yesterday, that first blanked of snow turned into a menace for both drivers and pedestrians, due to heavy snowing.
It is still better than not having snow at all.
With this ocasion, some friends of ours (Andu and Ioana) made us "an offer that we couldn't refuse" :), and, on Saturday, we'll all be heading to the mountain area for some skiing.

Wish us luck and no broken arms or legs :)

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