Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The time has come..

To launch the website we've been working on for quite some time:
It was a long but rewarding work - and we have learned a lot of interesting things along the way. It is our very first step towards online entrepreneurship, so we'll be very grateful for any kind of support people will offer us in the following months. The idea is to create a useful website that any traveler can consult whenever planning to visit places from Romania.
The work is far from over and I doubt we'll be able to say - anytime soon - that we've reached the end of it :)
We've just started and there are many useful features already in the works (English translation for example). So, expect some new updates on this matter.

The feedback received while still in Closed Beta was extremely useful, especially since the "testers" and their opinion came from various places on the planet - thank you Couchsurfing!
Also, some special thanks are in order to the entire team working on this project! ..and - why not  - to future members :)



Raine said...

OOooo the first page looks good!

Do you need any help, maybe to translate in Italian (if Emanuele is interested) or into Estonian? :)

Great work guys!

razvan said...

hey Raine. Thanks a lot for the appreciation :) and for the kind offer!

Right now we're almost done with the English translation ..and it's quite a lot of work since there are more than 1500 tourist attractions.
Then we're thinking about implementing the rough automatic Google Translate tool for some other languages - until we have a clear demand on the ones that are worth translating.

We'll keep you updated on the progress.

richard said...

I ll support You on my blog.If You need some images,, let me know.

razvan said...

Thanks Richard!
It sounds great, so we'll keep in touch.

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