Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cappadocia - part II (meeting locals, trying pottery kebab and making pottery).

Beside just hiking, we also experienced some other interesting things while in Goreme village:

First, the day I started feeling sick, we searched for a place to eat a good soup, hoping it will help my condition.
We ended up in a cozy restaurant being run by a family. Although there was a huge language barrier and we barely understood each-other, we had a great time with the four old women preparing "ravioli".
While I ate soup and drank two coups of "├žay" (tea - pronounced "ceai"), Andra joined in preparing that dish together with the old ladies.

A short summer rain caught us inside the restaurant, so we stayed there until it stopped half an hour later.

One night, in the same restaurant, we saw the equivalent of a bachelor party for a bride, and then the wedding taking place in the following night.
I was even privileged to stay closer to the women, than most local men who were allowed only to watch from a distance the bride's event.

Trying a special dish called "pottery kebab" was another interesting thing for us.
The food is cooked inside that pot, it is brought still boiling at the table, and then broken in front of you. The food itself wasn't that good (it wasn't bad either), but it was mostly worth it for the overall experience.

And one last thing: we went inside a pottery workshop, where Andra didn't miss the opportunity to shape some clay on their special pottery wheel - a 160 years old wheel!

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