Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Elements of change.. learned from photography.

When you're not happy with the results, just change the angle.
In photography it can make the difference between a failed shot and a great one. In life, a different perspective often brings new understanding, opportunities and possibly better results in any kind of situation.

When you like the angle a lot and spend too much time in the same spot doing the same damn thing, you're certainly missing other opportunities.
Again - change the perspective and make sure nothing passes by unnoticed.

If you've tried the things mentioned above - and still the results are poor - clearly it's time for an upgrade.
Now.. a photographer has to chose between upgrading the lenses, the camera body or both. You may also need a fresh-eye, but maybe there's the need to upgrade your life, your skills, your friends and connections. Maybe it's time to empty the cup so that new stuff can fill is up again.
Leave behind any baggage that can slow you down; chose a new path towards self-fulfillment and don't forget to mark the path with breadcrumbs so that others can follow..

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