Thursday, July 22, 2010

Losing weight and learning usefull things (9kg - 1 month)

I've lost 9kg in one month and learned a few useful things in the process. I'll share these with you since some of them can be applied in a wider range of situations, not just for tailoring your shape:
  • The first and foremost important one is the mindset: don't just "try", DO it.
    You must really want to achieve your goal and decide to put aside any negative thoughts or influences that may lead you astray. Also you must be happy with the important choice of building a new
  • It's possible to eat less and have more energy than before.
    During the recent one month trip in Middle East - I ate mostly vegetarian foods for three weeks - and felt more stamina than before (keep in mind I walked and sometimes hiked all day long).
  • There's a clear difference between craving and hunger.
    In many cases, craving for something creates a false feeling of hunger, even though there was no hunger what-so-ever with a few seconds before falling for some clever advertisement.
  • Don't find excuses for breaking your own rules. It only makes it easier to give up when things get harder. A "just this once" can easily turn into "one time too many".
  • Find proper replacements for the things that previously perpetuated or worsened the situation. For example: having just salads for days - won't be of any good on long term. You must make sure that you feed the body (and mind) with a whole rainbow of healthy foods.
  • Spice up your routine and try new things. There are better alternatives out there for almost everything.
On top of these, there's no need to starve or exaggerate in any way to reach your goal, but merely to experiment until a balance is achieved.

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