Monday, February 1, 2010

Talking about marathons.

If on Saturday we spent many hours playing board-games, on Sunday we decided to take the game-play session to another level: six people plus one wii console resulting in half a day of almost continuous playing.
We also tried to have a session of board-games, but the console kind of monopolized the entire situation.

Andu was probably the most curious of us: he couldn't stay more than 20 minutes in one place and he wanted to try a bit of everything (including working at the pottery wheel).

Tennis was everyone's favorite, but boxing also classified as the second most played game mode.

The couples, especially, released tensions and resolved personal issues on the boxing arena.
I got knocked out twice when playing against Mihai, so I presume he had some old grudges with me :).
On the other hand, Andra didn't feel the need to box with me, so I think we're cool :)

In case this last picture is not self-explanatory: No, we did not have a religious ceremony, nor did we pray for winning. However, some of us felt the need to get closer to the tv and the console sensor, hoping that this will improve their accuracy and results.



Raine said...

I think that sometimes this boxing game would be the perfect way to spend our evening. lol

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