Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Old photos - New Technique.

The technique is "aggressive" cropping, and it is new to me.
I used to crop photos using the rule of the thirds, but never before did I think about massive cropping.
Hope you enjoy the results. I sure do :).

Here are three of the original pictures compared to the cropped result:

And a last example that clearly shows how a photo previously tagged as "unusable", turned into something quite nice:



Raine said...

Oh wow! I am in awe of all this aggressive cropping!
I L O V E it!
So many details come forward. And then watching the photos I wonder how much did you actually crop?
The mountain lakes are pretty
A M A Z I N G! Where is that place?
Another question, that I wanted to ask since long time ... well from the beginning of your blog actually- how do you arrange the photos like this. I like it so much but after watching your blog I kind of forget to check it out from the net (or trying it on my own blog)... So pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaase share this mystery with me :D

You noticed that it's March? I didn't! :D

Anonymous said...

These are some darn good questions :)
I should have thought about posting some of the original photos..just for comparison.
A mistake that I shall soon correct (thank you!).
The lake is called Vidraru, 2-3 hours drive from Bucharest. We went there two weeks ago, with some friends. Beautiful area.
About the photo alignment:
1st. When uploading photos, choose "none" in the "Choose a layout" field (from the upload page).
The pics will appear arranged left in the post, but will allow you to move them by adding spaces before/after, or adding other pics near them (cut & paste near another photo).
2nd. I use different heights for each line of photos (decreasing the height as they go down - for the reversed pyramid effect).
3rd and finally. I center all of them from the post menu.
If these explanations don't help, let me know and I'll make a video capture while performing the steps.

Oh yes, we noticed it's March.
I had to buy flowers for Andra :) (it would have been bad for me to forget such a thing :D)
Also, almost a year has passed since we met you both. With each post about Emeline, we realize how much she has grown, and how fast the time flies.

Raine said...

Oh yeah, video would be a great help! :D

Anonymous said...

Done, I sent a mail yesterday at this adress: rainedg ├Ąt gmail punkt com.
We can talk more through the CouchSurfing mail system, in case you need more info.
I'll gladly share any knowledge I have :)

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