Monday, September 13, 2010

Between stagnation and change.

At the usual hour (same one for the past 1825 days) I wait for the metro to take me home.
It's one of those hard working days that make me feel lobotomized after the usual 9 intensive hours. By now, my brain refuses to think anything other than the basic stuff; can't challenge it with interesting ideas.
So, I take a sit, stop the audio book that plays in my ears, close my eyes and try to empty myself of today's baggage. No more disappointments on bad decisions, no planning in advance, no nothing. I simply give my brain what it craves for: peace and quiet..
I resist the temptation to open my eyes when the door closing signal sounds for a few seconds - and imagine the other people's faces looking at me. I also imagine my reflection in the opposite window, staring back at me.

I feel recharged enough to start a challenge now: why not imagine time?
A bit too abstract to visualize, so I apply it to my imaginary reflection. I first see a younger version of myself (interesting that it's not the present one) and then the passage of time until this day.
Then..bam! the train's speed feels like doubling in just a few seconds and the images go faster in my mind.
I'm disappointed though.. They go on the same path: beside the white hair and graceful aging - older versions sitting in a similar metro, exhausted and waiting to go home..

For me it's a strong signal, it reminds me of one phrase recently read in a book: "in 5-10 years from now we'll live with the consequences of today's actions". Hence, inaction will only lead to stagnation.

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