Sunday, November 22, 2009

Couchsurfing - Bucket and Spade - Australia.

We have had a very interesting couple of days, with our latest Australian guests: Dwayne and Brenton, who have been traveling the world for the past two and a half months.

The guys arrived during the week, on Thursday night, and because Andra had to leave the city on Friday, we bombarded them from the first day, with questions, and talked until late at night about all the places they've been so far.

Their day time was spent visiting the city, while in the evening, the guitars and the God of War game represented the main attractions.

Dwayne looked quite natural with the guitar, and he also seemed to have a nice voice. Maybe next time, I'll have a piano for Brenton as well; and the three of us can have a concert :).

Here are some photos taken while the two of them took terms in completing a special mini game from God of War ;)

Some other pics:
At a hair salon.

Laughing at those HUGE luggage, and comparing them to my size :).

Having fun with the pink slippers (it tends to become a tradition).

Overall, it was a very interesting experience and, in the end, we also got a surprise "thank you" note.
Wasn't expecting that; thanks guys for making our day!

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