Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New wheel in town!

During the last week-end, Andra brought from home (Horezu) a custom pottery wheel, for her classes.
"Custom" stands for a bit smaller size than the average pottery wheels, and for the fact that it can be almost completely disassembled and reassembled, when needed.

Last night we took a couple of hours to put together all the pieces and have it ready for work.
There was a lot of noise coming from knocking things with a hammer, because a few pieces had to be convinced to fit in; so, now we're glad that there were no complains from the neighbors :).
In the heat of the moment, we completely forgot to take pictures while working on the big puzzle, but we took some after we began reshaping two clods of clay:

So, starting from now, Andra's apprentices can acquire first hand experience in creating pottery, and also, future couch-surfers will have the opportunity to learn more about clay modeling and traditional pottery.


Raine said...

Wow, it makes me wanna come to your place right away! I miss doing things with my hands!
Question: where do you burn it? Will you paint it as well?


Razvan and Andra said...

I knew we'll be able to convince you to come to Romania :). We'll reduce those "maybes" right away.

For the moment we just let the objects dry and then paint them. Dried well and painted, they are quite tough and can be nice workmanship items.
In the near future we'll have an electric oven as well; we just need to figure out where to make it and the overall costs involved.

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