Saturday, June 5, 2010

Middle East trip - on the way to Turkey.

Merhaba dear readers.

I am writing this first post from the trip - while in the bus towards Turkey; but, by the time you'll read it, we would have already reached Istanbul and posted it successfully.
Right now we're in Bulgaria, probably 70 km away from Veliko Tarnovo, which we briefly saw almost an hour ago.

Anyway, since I have a nice story to tell you, let's start from the beginning.

It's the little things that matter.
We kind of finished packing in the last moment, just in time to reach the bus. Half an hour later, after arriving at the agency, it turned out that the bus timetable was different from what we were told on the phone and we were scheduled to leave in two hours. It was ok, the time passed quite fast and we used it to prepare our bellies for the road ahead :)
During the 2 hours stay, the Turkish driver told us at least three times to go in and have a coffee. Normally, I thought he was interested in the money and just wanted to convince us to go inside and buy things from his agency.
My initial thought changed drastically after two hours drive in the bus. At first they constantly offered us cold water from the refrigerator, then cookies, ice-cream!, tea and sodas; free ..of course :). So, the coffee he so nicely mentioned was probably free as well.
All these came accompanied by smiles from the two guys serving us. It would have been perfect if there were girls instead of guys :D. Ouch! Punch from Andra. I deserved that :).

Back on topic, the drive through Bulgaria was amazing. We passed through Bulgaria's beautiful country side, with its waved hills and continuously changing landscape. And 45 min ago we saw an incredible sunset. The pictures taken through the windows don't do it justice..

A passenger just dropped his glass of water on the floor. "No problema, No problema" came the quick response from the smiling Turkish guys, "we'll give you another one". All this happening on a nice & calm Turkish music in the background.

Turkish hospitality experienced way before reaching the country. Nice. Can't wait to see the country.

It's quite dark inside and I can hardly see the keyboard. Also, it started raining outside, so perfect setting for sleeping. It's time to rest the heads on those nice inflatable pillows that we brought with us.

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Daniel said...

Eu cred ca de fapt femeilor nu le displace sa fie servite de femei frumoase. E doar asa de fatada ...

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