Monday, May 31, 2010

Final preparations - Middle East trip.

On Friday we'll embark on our first long term travel: a one month pilgrimage in the Middle East.

Below is a rough route that may suffer significant changes, as we prefer to be flexible and avoid imposing a strict plan to follow. We'll simply go with the wind :) , relying mostly on advices from locals and couch-surfers that we'll meet along the way.
Of course, Lonely Planet guides and GPS will be among our tools, but interacting with locals is by far the best "tool" out there.

So, Friday - June 4th: bus from Bucharest to Istanbul.

13 hours drive.. enough to think ahead (make a list with things to see in Istanbul), listen to some audio books and have some sleep as well :).
June 5th - first day in Turkey.
We'll meet with our hosts and then we'll start exploring the city.

June 7th - fly to Egypt.
After two days in Istanbul - we'll fly to Cairo, where we haven't yet found full hosting in the couch-surfing community.

And here is where the plan ends. After 3-4 days in Cairo, we're going to see other attractions from Egypt: Luxor, maybe Hurghada, Sharm el Sheikh, then relly on ferries to reach Jordan (where we have way too many things to see).
Afterwords, Syria with Damascus, then Turkey again on the way back to Romania.

We'll keep everyone updated with route changes, stories and nice pictures from the locations we'll visit.

Right now we're taking care of the last details: visas, documents, luggage, bus booking, plane tickets, Amazon order (hope this one arrives in due time, otherwise we won't have with us the neck wallets and travel adapter).
We'll write again just before leaving the country, to update about the luggage details and share any interesting info.


Raine said...

Oh my dear friends, with great jealousy we wish you bon voyage!

razvan said...

Thanks Raine!

Best of wishes from Turkey. We're staying here with some awesome hosts; but just so that you know: you're still our favorites ;).

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