Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hidden in plain sight.

We're staying 10 minutes away from this amazing place:

The bad part is that we've just discovered it entirely, although we've been living in this area for about 6 months.. We should definitely go out more often :)

This place is great for relaxing after a hard day at work. One evening, on the way to a couchsurfing meeting, one very tired Andra and a hasty Razvan turned into better, fully relaxed people - just by walking for a few minutes in the area.

Even 5 minutes by the lake can work wonders, so we will be visiting it regularly from now on.
Care to join us?

For those interested in the creating panoramas, it's quite simple with the Photomerge tool from Photoshop:
1. You need to have a tripod, or at least try to keep the camera as best as possible on the same line, between shots.
Now, in order to avoid having shots with different exposures, do the following:
2. Press the shutter button halfway while looking at the landscape, and note the aperture number and the shutter speed.
3. Switch to manual mode and punch in the previous numbers. Also, switch the focus to manual and leave it that way (if it correctly focused in the previous step).
4. Each shot must contain at least 20% elements from the previous shot, so that Photoshop can align them afterwords. Make sure you always include enough elements from one photo to another.
5. Try to shoot in Portrait mode, not just Landscape. It will take more pictures to cover the whole scene, but it also covers more in terms of height.


mina said...

wow. it looks lovely.

razvan said...

It is indeed, but you two probably see awesome places almost every day ;).

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