Monday, May 17, 2010

About inspiration, creativity and overcoming obstacles.

First, inspiration and creativity a few words (I wasn't trying to be ironic with "a few words", the post just got a lot bigger than initially intended).

hmm.. I wanted to start with something smart and comprehensive, like a "theory of everything" :) , but then I realized it's gonna be hard and it's probably more relevant to you all to start with some questions:
Where and when do you mostly generate new interesting ideas? Don't think about the trigger itself, but think about the circumstances; see if there's a pattern.
Did you notice that creativity tends to occur more often in cases like these:
- when going outside the comfort zone;
- after switching from the daily routine to a different environment (not necessary a major change, although preferable);
- when you have a total break from all the worries, tasks and whatever else occupies your mind most of the time.

All of these are true in my own case. If you dig a bit deeper and discover other situations, don't hesitate to share them.
About the last one, when in a getaway or a simple relaxation break, try to keep an open mind to everything that surrounds you, or that you come in contact with.
This last mention I think it is really important, as I can recall quite a few "breaks" in which no creative ideas surfaced, only because my mindset was to reject thinking and just craved for having fun & nothing else. We often do such things when we're fed up with work & routine, and then we just want to run away from them as far as possible, without taking into account the benefits of the "work & pleasure" combination.

Sources of inspiration.
The best ones are hobbies and areas in which you either invest a lot of time, or even excel at.
On the opposite end, new/unknown areas that you start digging into, can trigger some interesting connections.
A while back I had this purpose in life to know a bit from everything. It took me some time to realize that it's hard to keep up with the technological advancement and also it's pretty useless to now just a bit from everything, without having a topic to excel at.

I'll close this post mentioning some unlikely sources of inspiration:
- TV in general - yeah it can be a major loss of time unless you decide to follow programs relevant to your interests. Furthermore, it works just like Paracelsus's approximate saying: "the dosage makes the poison" ;) .
- movies or tv series that are worth watching.
Dragos Roua mentioned in his blog about acquiring "food for thought" by watching movies. I didn't actually got it immediately, but last night I saw one episode from "Being Erica" which was quite deep and meaningful.
Painfully meaningful I should add, because the ending part was awfully similar to some old discussions between me and Andra, when I was the one close-minded and Andra the creative mind :|.
On the same note, can you believe I once said & believed that motorcyclists are idiots that spend a lot of money on a useless mean of transportation :D. Yeah, I said that...please don't throw rocks at me.

About overcoming obstacles in another post..

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