Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Learn and Share - Weekly Sum Up.

Wallpapers with quotes from books recently read (some I've instantly understood, with some I'm already experimenting, and others are yet to be fully discovered):

Business 2.0 principles (An interesting point of view about the "New Economy" - written in 1998!)
Matter. (It matters less.)
Space. (Distance has vanished.)
Time. (It is collapsing.)
People. (They're the crown jewels.)
Growth. (It's accelerated by the network.)
Value. (It rises exponentially with market share.)
Efficiency. (The middleman lives on in "infomediaries".)
Markets. (Buyers are gaining dramatic new power, sellers new opportunities.)
Transactions. (It's a one-on-one game.)
Impulse. (Every product is available everywhere.)


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