Friday, October 2, 2009

At home - grape harvesting

The last week-end we visited our parents in the rural area, and it happened to be the grape harvesting time. Well, we kind of timed this in order to have some ripe grapes before they were all gone ;).

Beside the work around the house, we managed to find some time to visit our grandmother. As usual, she never lets us leave empty-handed, no matter how much we protest.

Ah, and I forgot to ask for that exquisite cherry liqueur she makes :).

The time at home was short and we couldn't do all the things we wanted; but we won't miss them next time.


Raine said...

cherry liqueur sounds good ;)

For me, the time I spend at home, is never enough....

Razvan and Andra said...

:) actually cherry liqueur is the thing we wanted to bring you, but unfortunately the guards at the airport didn't allow it.
Maybe will be able to surprise you with another occasion ;)

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