Friday, October 30, 2009

Tasting exotic beverages.

Today, we drank mead (hydromel) for the first time. But, the best thing is that...wait for it...I made it :). It gets even better: I never brew wine or any similar drink before. So, clearly, the guinea pig had to be me.

At first, I was afraid that it didn't brew long enough and it might still be in the basic components: "must", honey and water. So, rather than sipping a little, I tried a whole glass to see if there's enough alcohol in it.
Oh boy.., it was really really strong :). It took me about one hour to feel the alcohol effects diminishing.
If you're curious about the taste, it feels like a very sweet wine, with a honey aroma (the specimen I made tastes like this; but maybe the real thing made with strict methods, tastes very differently).

Getting back to the beginning, the whole experiment started a couple of weeks ago, after the grape harvesting. We took 2 liters of must (freshly pressed grape juice) with us, to Bucharest.
Upon arrival, I saw an almost empty bottle with honey, and the idea came simply to me. The rest is simple: added the parts, improvised an air lock, stirred it regularly, had patience and..voila :).
You may be wondering how I knew, in the first place, about this drink. Well, I read about it in childhood (probably ten years ago), in one of Karl's May novels: The Treasure of Silver Lake.

Back to present times; now I'll filter the mead again, in order to have a clearer product, and then of course, we'll finish it :).



Raine said...

:D :D have a nice evening / weekend with it ;) ;)

also if it seems to taste good!

Razvan and Andra said...

Thanks :)).
We'll go with the second option: drink it slowly during the weekend, otherwise we might end up on the news channel :D

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