Monday, October 12, 2009

Gaelic Music - A special song

A few months back, I came across some detailed information about Scotland and Ireland.
Don't really know how and why, but I got really connected and interested in their culture. Most likely the music served as a connection, as I always enjoyed songs with Gaelic influence.

I want to share with you, a song which I enjoy very much, like I never did before with any other songs: Karen Matheson - My father sent me to the house of sorrow.
Probably because I didn't understand anything other than the title, it was hard to keep the song in mind for too long, and each time when listening to it, it seemed almost like the first time.

In other news, it is late and tomorrow Andra and I have a special job to do: changing Suzi's oil for the first time. For me - it will be the 1st time with no help from another skilled motorcyclist; while for Andra it will really be the 1st time to get her hands dirty with motorcycle oil :).
So, I'll better hit the sack, and come back the following days with more details.

Enjoy the song in case you like the genre.

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