Monday, October 19, 2009

Epiphany - a human reaction.

How come we usually acknowledge the really important things, only when it's too late?
It's not the first time this is proven to me..the hard way; but today an unpleasant event (to say the least) did manage to mark me more than I would have expected.

For now, let's not make this too personal, and talk in general.
We all meet new people all the time. With some, we have some small talk, while with others we connect a little more - have some interesting sharing of thoughts etc. In time, the recollection about most of these people fades away in our memory.

Now, let's say it comes to our attention that one of those smart persons we met and liked (but didn't try enough to know better) might leave forever, far far away to an unreachable area.

Question: what human reaction would surface in this case?
Well, there are a wide range of reactions at such news and I have little interest in analyzing all of them. However, in this particular case I realized that seen from a different perspective, it is no just "someone" leaving, but a possible good friend.
Then it hit me: the problem is that most of the time we loose ourselves in our comfort zone and conveniently forget to work a little - outside of it - for other important things.
It is only then, in the brink of a major change that we realize the passage of time and our inability to recover what has already been lost.

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