Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A few words about us.

Hi there,

I’ve been thinking for a while to write about various experiences from our lives, in order to keep track of memorable moments.
After getting some inspiration and motivation from our dear friends from Italy: Raine and Emanuele, I’ve decided to start blogging.

Who are we?
Both Romanian, born in a nice region from Oltenia: Horezu, which is considered the capital of pottery in our country.
Andra: passionate about pottery, entrepreneurship and traveling.
Studied Romanian & English literature and language in University - Faculty of Letters; now works in IT as Spam Analyst at Bitdefender.
Razvan: passionate about motorcycling, photography, literature, guitar playing, traveling and entrepreneurship..not necessarily in this order ;).
Studied in Polytechnic University (engineer in Quality Management), now working as a Team Leader at Ubisoft – QC Department.

Our philosophy.
Limiting your knowledge to what you learn in school or in the close environment around you, offers only a finite perspective over this infinite sea of wonders.

Our “mission”.
Travel the world, meet new people, understand different cultures, do crazy stuff :), and ultimately redesign ourselves through the things we'll learn along the way.
With this idea in mind, we’re planning to start - in the near future - a 1 year trip around the globe.

If you're interested, hop on and join us in our quest for freedom, exploration and understanding.

We'd love to hear you opinions or about your own experiences and plans
, so feel free to share it with us and the rest of the readers.

Places we’ve seen so far:
Greece (Paralia Katerini and Corfu), Italy (Rome, Venice and Caltrano), Bulgaria (Veliko Tarnovo), Spain (Madrid) and UK (London).

Well.., this is all for now; we’ll be back shortly with news and stories.

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