Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Visiting Bulgaria - Veliko

We recently returned from a trip to Bulgaria - Veliko Tarnovo.
It's the second time we've been to this city this summer, and I have to admit that one of the reasons for going there again is the food they serve at Tempo Pizza :).

Of course it is not just about the food; the city is very nice, small and cozy; the sight is great, there are plenty of things to see and tourist attractions to visit and last but not least there is also the motorcycle ride.
This time was special, as the whole group numbered more motorcycles (7) and people (11) comparing to the previous trip.

Here is our first stop before crossing the border.

Before going to Veliko, we'd decided to make a detour and visit two monuments 90 km away from the city.
The road we took passed through a mountain area, had many turnings that required low speed and lots of torque, so it was really nice for both pilots and passengers.

A small accident happened: a motorcycle fell, a passenger foot peg broke and we replaced it with what we found in the nature :).

Finally at the destination:

On the way back, three of us managed to get lost from the group and a new adventure started.
Before mounting the GPS, we drove 100km in the wrong direction - towards Turkey :).
The twilight caught us in mountains and then the darkness fell, fortunately after reaching more normal driving conditions on a national road.
No pictures were taken during this time, as we were all concentrated on to the matter at hand: reaching safe and as fast as possible the Veliko city.
Although we were all very tired because most of the day was spent driving, we still enjoyed the detour and - in the end - none of us regretted getting lost.
I also discovered that driving at night can be really nice, granted that you have a proper road and reasonable traffic.

At the end of the day, we finally had a good meal :) and went to sleep exhausted.
The following day it rained for a couple of hours, so we spent this time visiting the city, shopping (well, the girls did most of the shopping) and talking to locals.

The way home was easy and uneventful.
Because the sky was cloudy and there were chances for rain, we preferred to go straight home, with little stops along the way.

Here are some more random pictures from this trip.

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