Thursday, September 24, 2009

Brasov "Aventura" park (motorcycle ride).

This year we visited Aventura park, at the suggestion of two colleagues from work.

We left from Bucharest in a chilly Saturday, around 7.00 o'clock.
Unfortunately we underestimated the morning cold and dressed with summer clothing :). You can imagine the rest..
The fingers froze first, and we had to stop - in the first two hours - at every gas station to wash our hands with hot water.
We have no funny pictures from those first hours, as no one gave a penny on taking photos; and most likely we couldn't had been able to hold the camera, even if we tried :D.

The road was partially ok.
In Ploiesti we had some trafic and very bad road; and near Brasov the asphalt had been cut in some locations in order to be prepared for repairing. Most of these holes were not too deep, but had very sharp edges and were dangerous for the small motorcycle tires. We dodged some, but other ones took us by surprise (especially in turnings).
We were prepared for a flat tire situation (had some special gel spray), but luckily nothing bad happened.

Long story short, we reached Brasov one hour later than planned.
The guys knew a nice mall, so we went there for a quick snack and for staring at the statues :).

oh, I forgot to mention: back then my head had more hair :D.

After leaving the mall, we went straight to the park.
Here started the real adventure, as the park proved to be more than what we expected.
The first tracks we took looked really easy; and of course they were - because were designed for children :) - at roughly 2-3 meters from the ground.
After we got the hang of it, we took more daring and demanding tracks (blue and black).
It was awesome! We weren't expecting it to be so difficult (but pleasant in the same time).
The blue path had various obstacles that required a different approach each time for completion. You had to constantly adapt, as it required most of the time unnatural moves and some also changed halfway.
The cables and ropes that sustained the logs, stairs etc - were tough to anticipate and they were influenced by each move you made.
Balance was the key.

The photos from above are from the black track.
This track means deadly :).
Sure you have safety gear, but everything is in hour hands (there are no outside backups).

Most of the exercises were placed at dangerous heights, especially the first ones which were conceived to determine the weaker people to give up in case they felt they couldn't make it (I was very close to call it off, but changed my mind after completing the first two obstacles).

One thing that we did not anticipate, was that the adrenaline rush gave us extra strength for a short period of time, and in the same time drained us of energy.
As the exercises used most of our muscles (especially in the hands), close to the end of the black track we could barely hold anything with our hands (much less the whole body, as the "saucers" obstacle required).
We had to take an exit with two or three obstacles before the finish.

It took us approximately 30 minutes to recover and have enough strength to pilot the motorcycles to the nearest tavern :).

On the way back to Bucharest, the night fell after making 3/4 of the total distance.
The problem was that it caught us while passing through a bad road region, and it wasn't that pleasant :).

Overall it was a very interesting experience that everyone should try. It helps you understand your limits, forces you to stay very calm in situations where the adrenaline and other factors tell otherwise.
Bottom line, this experience can teach one to find balance both mental and physical.

Right now, we're making plans for a comeback to that place.
Care to join? :)

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