Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Doftana Valley (motorcycle ride).

Since I've already started documenting motorcycle rides from this year, I'll continue with these and then talk about other, more "conventional" trips.

So, this summer we went to Prahova - Doftana area, in a one day get away - together with a few friends.
We had a very good, sunny weather, fair trafic and partially good roads.

Andra was in charge with the photos, and she surprised me by taking pictures in situations I would have been more conformable with her properly anchored to the motorcycle.

A quick break was taken at a hill peek, from where we could see the entire region.

We stopped near the Paltinu lake and relaxed in the meadow for a while.
With all the barbecue smell from the area, we got corrupted and decided to search for a place to eat something.

After a last short break and a delicious meal, we returned relaxed and with enough energy for a new full week.

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