Thursday, September 24, 2009

Night riders.

With this post I'll finish the "motorcycle" topic (for now), and switch to other things.

So, one of our friends, Mihai, called us one evening and asked if we wanted to get out.
It was the "pleiades night", and we had the chance to watch plenty meteorites falling through the atmosphere.

Mihai waited for us at the usual meeting place, and we hurried away from the city where the light pollution makes the sky observation almost impossible.
Unfortunately, the sky was very cloudy at that time, and after 20 minutes of staring upwards (and getting some neck pains :) ) we decided to do something else: watch the airplanes that were landing or taking off in the airport near Bucharest.
At the airport there were some guards that kept whistling at us to leave the area (although we were on the public domain...); so we moved somewhere else they couldn't say anything :).
Waited for one airplane to pass above us while landing (nice experience), and then headed home.

In another night the experience repeated, but this time without the meteorites :) and with Mihai and his girlfriend Flori waiting for us.
We stopped at the gas station near the airport, left the bikes there and went near the landing strip.
The "cool" sensation was felt again :) as two planes passed roaring above us; and then we went to Baneasa forest.

Test drive with Mihai's motorcycle:

Andra, just loves to catch me in all kind of strange states (no head this time):

Both these small trips were quite fun, and different in the way that it is very quiet at night and there's a sense of serenity just outside the city, away from the crowds, traffic and noise.

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